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Why VIVA Elite Homes use cookies on this site

cookiesCookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit our site. They work as a ‘memory’ helping to make your experience on our site better, for example by remembering your preferences, and they also allow us to get an overview as to how our site is being used in a totally anonymous way which helps us in our efforts to improve the experience for you and for other visitors.

More information about cookies, including how to block them or delete them, can be found here.


We use some of the following types of cookies on our site:

Anonymous analytics cookies
By using cookies, we can see how many people have visited our site, whether they have visited before, or whether they are new to the site. We can also see how people move around the site, for example which pages they enter and leave from, or where they spend more time. This information is collected anonymously and we use it to help us improve our site and to improve the website from a visitor perspective.

Registration & functionality cookies

These cookies are used to save your preferences, for example if you choose a currency option on one visit, it will ‘remember’ that choice the next time you visit so that you don’t have to reset it when you return. If you are a VIVA Elite Homes user, we use cookies to keep you logged in while you are on our site. If you disable them, some of these functions will not work correctly.

3rd party cookies

Sometimes, where we include content or advertising from other companies, eg Facebook, Twitter etc., these 3rd parties may use cookies to track the activity or to improve their services. We cannot read any cookies they set nor can they read any cookies on our site.
If you have any questions about cookies and how they work, please feel free to contact us at or visit the website to find out more.